Safety Resources

Many programs and resources are available to communities in the Miami Valley to advance multi-modal roadway safety priorities. Since SFY 2014, MVRPC has compiled a list of such resources that includes informational sources, and funding programs, which make roadway safety improvement through one of the three “E's” (Engineering, Education, and Enforcement).

Resources for Crash/Safety Information

Crash Reports, Ohio Dept. of Public Safety (ODPS)
Website to retrieve police crash reports (OH-1),

Crash Patrol Statistics, Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP)
Website to retrieve statewide and county patrol highway safety statistics.

Systems Planning, Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT)    
ODOT analyzes crash data and trends, and identifies high-crash locations to prioritize investment. 

GIS Crash Analysis Tool (GCAT), Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT)
Web-based GIS that spatially locates reported crash data, for query, download and analysis. Don’t have access? Contact Aaron Lee at (937) 223 6323, for crash data.

Fatality Analysis Reporting System, National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Nationwide database of fatalities from traffic crashes.    

Crash Modification Factors Clearinghouse, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Web database to identify safety countermeasures.

Proven Safety Countermeasures, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Information on nine research-proven countermeasures.

Funding Programs

County HSIP, County Engineers Association of Ohio
Funding for safety improvements on county roads.
Rail Crossing Programs, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC)
Both PUCO and ORDC administer several programs for rail-highway crossings safety from state and federal funding sources. 
Safe Communities Coalition Traffic Safety, Ohio Dept. of Public Safety (ODPS)
Grant program based on counties’ crash average for funding towards community education activities. 

OVI Task Force Grant, Ohio Dept. of Public Safety (ODPS)
Funding to conduct sobriety checkpoints, and increase public awareness and education. 

Township Signage Upgrade Programs, Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT)    
Funding programs for signage improvements in Townships with high fatality crash rates. 

Safe Routes to School (SRTS), Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT)
Comprehensive program to improve and encourage safe biking/walking to school grades K-8. 

Highway Safety Program, Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT) 
State funds for safety improvements at identified high-crash locations.