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Drive Less by taking the bus. Even occasionally riding the bus will save hundreds of dollars a year on gas, parking, and car maintenance. Use your time on the bus to read, chat, text, or just relax.

Transit Options in the Region:
Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority – Montgomery County
Miami County Transit - Miami County
Greene CATS Public Transit – Greene County
Warren County Transit Service - Warren County


Drive Less by biking to your destination. The Greater Miami Valley Region is home to the Nation’s Largest Paved Trail Network There are more than 350 miles of trails to explore around Southwest Ohio, and easy-to-navigate routes to popular destinations in your community. Biking is a low-cost commute option and a great way to fit daily exercise.

Bike Resources
Find others to form a bike pool and map your bike route at
Borrow a Link Bike for short trips to meetings or meals around downtown Dayton. Learn more at
For more information about biking in the Region, visit
Learn more about the over 350 miles of paved, multi-use recreational trails in the Miami Valley Region  

Drive Less by walking instead. Walking is a great way to commute and a real boost for your health. It's good for your heart, lungs, muscle and bone growth, and overall sense of well-being. Try walking to your next meeting or event! It's free, great exercise, reduces pollution, and you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space.

• Map your route and see how much you can save by walking instead of driving at


Drive Less by forming a group to rideshare. Ridesharing is one of the easiest ways to cut your commuting costs, reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

MVRPC’s Rideshare Program is a partner of the statewide platform, Gohio Commute. This commute solutions platform is a free service from Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) for those who work, live or go to college in Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Preble, Darke and Clinton Counties. Enter your Home and Work location in the above trip explorer to explore your commuting options. Find matches to form a carpool or vanpool. Learn about the transit and bike route options for your trip. For more information or to register visit or call the RIDESHARE Program call 937.223.SAVE (937-223-7283) or toll-free at 1.800.743.SAVE or 800-743-7283. TTY/TDD 800-750-0750.