Long Term Disaster Recovery Leadership Board

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC), Montgomery County, The Dayton Foundation, and leaders from the Disaster Recovery Network established the Disaster Recovery Leadership Board in early 2020. The board provides strategic leadership, oversight, and transparency regarding the disaster recovery efforts in our Region. The board also assists with fundraising, communications, and potential policy and protocol creation to aid in rebuilding and recovering our Region post-disaster.

The list of previous meetings of the Disaster Recovery Leadership Board. 

Chairing the board is Woodrow Stroud, a representative from the MVRPC Board of Directors and the Greene County Transit Board.

"The 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes that struck the Miami Valley were unlike anything we’ve experienced before,” Stroud said. “Disaster recovery is extremely complicated and will take years to complete, but through the work of both the individual and community Long-Term Disaster Recovery Networks, with oversight by this experienced and diverse Leadership Board, we will offer further transparency for the community as we all work to meet both individual and community needs of our Region."

The board consists of members whom are from local, core institutions and the community representing various parts of the region.

Members of the board include:

  • Tom Gunlock, Community Member at Large
  • Sarah Hackenbracht, Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association
  • Rap Hankins, Community Member at Large
  • Helen Jones-Kelley, Sinclair Community College
  • Todd Kinskey, City of Dayton
  • Tom Koogler, Greene County Commissioner
  • Julie Liss-Katz, Dayton Business Committee
  • Debbie Lieberman, Montgomery County Commissioner
  • Tony Ortiz, Community Member at Large
  • Chris Kershner, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Joel Smith, Miami County Emergency Management
  • Father Ben Speare-Hardy, Community Member at Large
  • Julie Sullivan, Dayton Development Coalition
  • Roland Winburn, Community Member at Large

The true essence of leadership is to serve as a guide through the most challenging circumstances. We are grateful to these community leaders for their willingness to serve the Region as we all collaborate on disaster recovery.