Disaster Recovery Data and Grant Resources

Disaster Recovery Dashboards

These dashboards monitor the status of individual & property recovery from the Memorial Day tornado outbreak of 2019. Data was acquired from the case management system as well as individual jurisdictions.

tornado dashboard individual recovery

Access the 2019 Tornado Property Recovery Dashboard - Property Recovery Monitor.

Access the 2019 Tornado Individual Recovery Monitoring Dashboard - Individual Recovery.




Tornado Damage Maps

Disaster Impact Map - Miami Valley Beavercreek Tornado Damage Assessment Beavercreek Township Tornado Damage Assessment
Brookville Tornado Damage Assessment Butler Township Tornado Damage Assessment Clayton Tornado Damage Assessment
Concord Township Tornado Damage Assessment Dayton Tornado Damage Assessment Englewood Tornado Damage Assessment
Harrison Township Tornado Damage Assessment Perry Township Tornado Damage Assessment Potsdam Tornado Damage Assessment
Riverside Tornado Damage Assessment Ross Township Tornado Damage Assessment Trotwood Tornado Damage Assessment
Union Township Tornado Damage Assessment Vandalia Tornado Damage Assessment




Miami Valley Disaster Recovery Resources

Business Resources

Disaster Recovery Resource Guide for Businesses

No Progress Properties / Tax Delinquency / Demolition Resources 

(All resources are examples only and require independent legal review and adoption.)

Procedures & Best Practices for Demolition

Demolition Checklist Example 1
Demolition Checklist Example 2

Sample Templates for Legal Notice and Demolition Order

Fema & EMA grants and resources

Ohio EMA and FEMA offer multiple funding opportunities to assist communities with preparedness and hazard mitigation efforts.  Use the links below to learn more.

EMA Preparedness Grants 
EMA Mitigation Grants

Ohio EMA Mitigation Overview 

Ohio EMA Mitigation Contacts and Resources

FEMA Preparedness Grants 

FEMA Mitigation Grants

FEMA Tools to Assist with Grants

FEMA Resources for Applying

FEMA Community Disaster Loan Program Information

FEMA Community Disaster Loan Program Survey

Residential Safe Room Rebates

Community Lifelines Fact Sheet

Community Lifelines Toolkit

FEMA National Disaster Recovery Framework Resources

State of Ohio Homelessness Study



Laura Adcock, Disaster Recovery Branch Chief

Ohio Emergency Management Agency 614.799.3667 ladcock@dps.ohio.gov.

Steve Ferryman, Mitigation Branch Chief

Ohio Emergency Management Agency 614-799-3539 saferryman@dps.ohio.gov

Reach out for assistance specific to your jurisdiction’s FEMA applications and for assistance with State of Ohio mitigation funding.



EDA Funding
EDA has a wide variety of programs and funding opportunities available aimed to increase resiliency to future economic shocks. Please visit the EDA website to learn more about the funding programs and to sign up for the newsletter

Ellen Heinz, M.Ed., OhioCED
Professional Development, At-Large Director
Economic Development Representative
Economic Development Administration, Chicago Regional Office
U.S. Department of Commerce
230 S. Dearborn St., Ste. 3280
Chicago, IL  60604
(419) 544-3614



Miami Valley Disaster Recovery Network Structure 

Miami Valley Long-Term Disaster Recovery Summary Narrative 

Long-Term Community Recovery Planning Guide and Toolkit

List of Disaster Recovery Acronyms

List of Disaster Funding Resources

Top 10 Disaster Recovery Procurement Mistakes

Role of the Local Disaster Recovery Manager