Support the Institute for Livable & Equitable Communities

Through a partnership with The Dayton Foundation, it is possible to support the work of the Institute for Livable & Equitable Communities through contributions to an established charitable fund. There are numerous ways you can make a gift to the Institute fund at The Dayton Foundation. Your contribution is fully tax deductible and will be acknowledged with a letter from the Foundation for tax purposes.

Please make checks payable to “The Dayton Foundation” noting fund number 1884 in the memo line. Mail checks to:
The Dayton Foundation
1401 S. Main St., Suite 100
Dayton, OH 45409

Credit Card Gifts:
Donations via credit card may be made at Please make sure to enter fund number 1884. All credit card gifts are assessed a 3 percent fee for processing. 

Preauthorized Debit:
Preauthorized transfers from your checking or savings account may be made at You may select either a one-time or a recurring gift. Please make sure to enter fund number 1884.  If you have questions about this form, please contact Scott Asher at or (937) 225-9968.

Bill Pay:
You may initiate a donation from your personal checking or savings account through your financial institution’s online banking bill pay system. Simply make the payment to “The Dayton Foundation”
and note fund number 1884 and the mailing address listed above. You may request a one-time or recurring gift to the fund.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock
Should you wish to donate appreciated stock, you must have your financial advisor or investment company send the shares of stock in-kind to The Dayton Foundation. Do not sell them yourself. Provide written instructions to your broker, specifying the number and type of shares to be transferred, and send a copy to Tracie Boshears at The Dayton Foundation. To ensure that your gift will be credited properly, you must contact Tracie at (937) 225-9967 or