Regional Equity Initiative

The Regional Equity Initiative is a coordinated effort by MVRPC, member communities, and partners to strengthen the Miami Valley by correcting policies; reforming institutions; and closing the gaps that undermine, sustained quality of life improvements for underserved communities and minority populations. 

Research has revealed that success and wealth in the Miami Valley are uneven.   Past policy decisions have improved quality of life for some while racial minorities have endured the disparate impact. Prolonged systems of neglect have created blind-spots and untenable conditions that weaken the entire region.  MVRPC – and its board -- have prioritized the need to advance racial equity through the combined energy of engaged citizens, business, and institutions while achieving tangible results. 

Advancing equity and expanding opportunity is good governance, and it is a hallmark of good community planning.  Through intentional inclusion of impacted communities and collaboration with organizations addressing equity issues, the Regional Equity Initiative develops and supports policy change and systemic transformation in order to eliminate causes and mitigate the effects of racism and other disparities which burden communities in the Miami Valley.  To learn more about the Regional Equity Initiative, please contact the Regional Equity Initiative Manager by email.