Institute Leadership

Institute STeering Committee

The Institute Steering Committee is a 13 member leadership board comprised of representatives from MVRPC member organizations or Institute funders that will:

  • Provide oversight, guidance and advisory leadership to accomplish the mission and vision for the MVRPC Institute for Livable & Equitable Communities.
  • Establish strategic direction for the Institute and determine near and long-term priorities for the ISC and all Institute Sub-Committees.
  • Appoint members to serve on the established Institute Sub-Committees.
  • Evaluate and explore evidence based solutions and create synergy for the Institute strategic priorities.
  • Ensure a sustainable operations strategy and alignment of resources to accomplish the established strategic priorities.
  • Advocate for funding, legislation, and policy adoption in support of Institute strategic priorities.
  • Offer formal motions of support, recognition and commendation for efforts aligned with Institute strategic priorities.